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About Us

About the IWBHF:  At the end of 2013, WBAN announced formative steps towards establishing an INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S BOXING HALL OF FAME. We also opened up the website, to featured the Hall of Fame online.

We had our first Inaugural Induction Ceremony on  July 10, 2014, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Our second year took place at the same venue on July 11, 2015.  We are looking forward to having a Induction Ceremony with both the 2016/2017 Inductees, and are looking to have it take place in the Los Angeles, California area.  We will keep the boxing community updated on this tentative event in 2017!

Every year we will have an induction of the honorees who have contributed significantly in the sport of women’s boxing. The IWBHF is ®registered with the State of Washington, UBI# 602333419.

The International Womens Boxing Hall of Fame official website [] was created in January of 2014, by Sue TL Fox, of WBAN [Women Boxing Archive Network].  The International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame (IWBHF) is affiliated and an extension of WBAN to continue to honor the elite in the sport. 

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